Terms & Policies



Because these trips involve a lot of coordination and if someone cancels, it actually can change the price of the yacht. Yachtlife trips are nonrefundable at the time of purchase.


Because of the refund policy, you often can get a refund through purchasing travel insurance. A lot of credit cards will actually provide this service for free, so please check before purchasing. If not, please purchase travel insurance through a partner such as travel guard.

Travel Insurance also provides guards in case your luggage does not arrive on time (its very hard to have an airline deliver your luggage to a yacht). Travel insurance also provides coverage if you are injured during the trip.


Prior to the trip you will be given instructions on where to meet to check in for your Yachtlife trip. Most often this occurs at the marina, but sometimes can occur at the hotel.


It is very important that you notify that Yachtlife organizers or any allergies to food or medicine when you register.


These trips are often very new to people and you have a lot of questions. Never hesitate to reach out to our trip organizer with any questions! josh@yachtlife.cruises