Flotillas 101

Most people have only dreamed of sailing around the world on a beautiful yacht. We actually help make that happen! For a full week, you will join a group of people as we sail to different islands, beaches, and bars! Absolutely no sailing experience is necessary, your job during your vacation is to relax. However, you are welcome to learn on you sailing vacation as you want, your skipper will be more than willing to teach!

One of our smaller flotillas in Sweden

One of our smaller flotillas in Sweden

What is a Flotilla?

A flotilla is a group of boats that follow a similar itinerary.

How does this work?

People from around the world sign up and reserve a cabin or a whole boat on one of our sailing adventures. When it comes time for the sailing flotilla, the very first day you will meet your skipper and your fellow boat mates, or “yachtlifers” as we like to call them. Everyday we will sail to a new location (or multiple locations) on our sailing itinerary. At each stop we will tell you various activities we have planned for the night.

Do I need to know anyone?

Absolutely not. Most our yachtlifers know no one when they first sign up. But by the end of the yachtlife flotilla you will have met new life long friends. We pride ourselves on creating a community that is inclusive and becomes life long travel friends.

Do I need any experience?

Absolutely not. Even if this is your very first sailing vacation flotilla, you don’t even know how to swim (yes, we have customers that don’t know how to swim). If you want to have a vacation where all you do is read a book on the front of the boat, this trip is for you! If you want to be next to the skipper the entire trip learning everything about sailing, this trip is also for you!

Where do Yachtlife Flotillas go?

We operate all around the world and our Yachtlife flotillas change all the time. Below are the current flotillas we have planned.