Amazing Rooms

When living your best yacht life, comfort is everything! Especially if you will be on your sailing vacation for a week! Each room fits two adults comfortably. Each room has shelves, drawers and outlets. Sheets, pillows and towels will be waiting in your room so there is no reason to back any of that in your luggage.


Private Bathrooms!

When you are on your sailing vacation privacy is always an important part! Most of our yachts have a private bathroom for each room and if not, at most you will share a bathroom with only one other cabin.



Full Kitchens

Each yacht is fitted with a full kitchen, that includes a freezer, fridge, oven and sink! Sometimes during your sailing vacation you may want to live your best yachtlife and bake a cake, make a frozen daiquiri, or make your favorite pasta dish! With these kitchens you can do all of that and so much more.

IMG_1992 (1).jpg


Plenty of Space!

You will be surprised on how much space there is around the yacht to relax. There is a table in the back of the boat and inside the boat, so no matter the weather you can always enjoy a sit down meal with your crew mates.




Live your best #yachtlife

For a full week, we will sail locations such as Thailand, British Virgin Islands, Abacos, Sweden, Italy. These are home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and legendary sights! These sailing vacations have something for everybody - from enjoying the famous local cocktails right on the beach, to diving shipwrecks, trying on the delicious and exploring history around the world. However you spend your week, your yacht life will be something to remember!

James Bond Island, Thailand

James Bond Island, Thailand



Krabi Beach, Thailand

Krabi Beach, Thailand