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Join us on our next Swedish adventure! July 18-25, 2020

Please note: unlike other #yachtlife trips, this trip is on a monohull

 Arrival: Stockholm

The very first day you arrive in the Sweden, you will meet your boatmates, your skipper, and the other boats that will be sailing with us. Some of us will know each other, some will become new life long friends! If you are arriving on Friday, we will help you arrange a hotel the night before setting sail.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Day 1: Napoleon Viken

Napoleon Viken is a gorgeous and popular natural harbor, located on the island of Ägnö, in the approaches to Stockholm. The high, rocky cliffs create a beautifully sheltered retreat, perfect for swimming and play in the sun. Seals frequent the harbor and the port docks, and the entire area is wonderfully scenic.

The island is a nature reserve, come ashore and walk trails through a fairy tale pine forest, pick berries, or have a barbecue. Napoleon Viken is a soothing and relaxing place to begin our Stockholm journey!

Day 2: Nynäshamn

Just a couple hours south of Stockholm, Nynäshamn is a bustling town located on the mainland, but which serves as a gateway to the southern reaches of the outer archipelago. Rocky shores and pine tree-shrouded forests march down to the sea, making for one of the most dramatic and scenic portions of Sweden's Baltic coast.

Nynäshamn is home to 27 ancient Viking rune stones, which are just one of the local historic attractions. The town and nearby coast also host picturesque lighthouses, family-owned cafes and restaurants, and numerous entertainment options to make your visit an amazing time

Day 3: Utö

Utö is perched on the southern edge of the Stockholm archipelago and is home to a nature reserve, Sweden's oldest iron mines, and a museum. This island is noted for secluded coves, sandy beaches, and the stark beauty of its natural scenery. There are several areas each for swimming, hiking, biking, and enjoying the long and warm summer days in Sweden.

Utö is connected by a bridge to nearby island Alö, which has additional dining and entertainment options. It's the perfect area to relax and soak in the ultimate enjoyment of a carefree Sweden vacation.



Day 4: Biskopsö

Biskopsö is a picture-postcard beautiful island that is home to a nature reserve and numerous hiking and biking trails. It's also an area of great historical significance: Swedish and Russian naval forces clashed in these waters in the Battle of Viborg Bay in 1790, one of the largest and most consequential sea battles in history.

The natural scenery is the island's main attraction, which is easily accessible via an extensive trail network. Famed Swedish author August Strindberg noted of Biskopsö, “When you land, you are surprised to find a little anchored piece of paradise.

Day 5: Nämdö

Nämdö offers an endless variety of tiny islands and islets to explore, with sheltered rocky beaches, flowering meadows, lush forests of spruce and pine, and clear & warm skies all around. Watch sea eagles on the hunt, or seals at play. This is the perfect place to swim, snorkel, dive from rocky cliffs, or just lay in the sun and relax.

Nämdö itself has miles of scenic trails, a quaint little town and farmsteads, and camping areas for overnight stay. A small family-owned restaurant serves cozy meals and there's an historic church on the island that features prominently in Swedish literature.

Day 6: Saltsjöbaden

Back at the gateway to the Stockholm archipelago, Saltsjöbaden is a seaside resort town with numerous amenities for sailors and visitors. The town and harbor are peaceful and relaxing, with numerous options for dining. It's a popular destination for yacht vacationers and daytrippers, with lively bars and entertainment.

Saltsjöbaden has a sandy beach with slides and a large trampoline. The town is adorable and fun to explore, with quaint shops and small attractions. It's a wonderfully relaxing and satisfying way to close out your Sweden yacht rental vacation.

Join us on our next Swedish adventure! July 18-25, 2020

Please note: unlike other #yachtlife trips, this trip is on a monohaul

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