What to pack!


This list is not all inclusive on what to pack, but it is meant to show you some of the “big items” you should not forget!


Make sure you passport is valid 6 months past your arrival.

Soft Luggage

Space is at a premium during your sailing vacation. So in order to live your best yacht life you need to keep as much space as possible! Do not bring hard luggage as there is no easy place to store it. Get a duffel bag or other collapsable luggage you can easily fold and store somewhere on the boat.

Water Shoes

We are on the water! You are going to get wet during your sailing vacation! Often when going ashore, you will have to walk on the sand or a rocky trail, so its nice to have water shoes that you can swim with and you can walk on shore with.

Dry Bag

Often during your sailing vacation you will have to ride a dingy ashore. It is important to keep your stuff dry in case it starts raining or you get some unexpected splashes from the ocean. A dry bag ensures that your belongings stay safe!


Hopefully during your sailing vacation it is blue skies and sunny weather. So you want to make sure you are not squinting the whole time. We suggest bringing cheaper sunglasses, just in case they take an unexpected swim or you misplace them at one of our stops.

Rain Jacket

At many of our locations around the world, there will be a few minutes of daily showers and sometimes you don’t want to spend it all inside. Having a nice rain jacket allows you to be outside comfortably, even in the rain.


When docking and at the marina, sunscreen is drastically overpriced. We suggest bringing it to avoid paying more.